Dedicated Servers

On this page you will find prices, specifications and other information regarding our dedicated server products. What this page cannot show is our dedication to knowing each client personally, spending time with them to learn their vision and helping them turn it into reality.

As a prospective client, we hope that you will recognize that just like any other service, there are volume providers out there willing to undercut the market while providing no customer support. To them you are just a number. To us, you are a relationship. Most importantly, your relationship with us keeps us in business.


ServerRack Linux/*BSD Servers

Are you a power user who can't live without root access and full management of your own box? If so, a ServerRack Linux/*BSD Server is for you.

These servers come with 7200 RPM hard drives, PC133 RAM and optional RAID1. Due to the alumnimum chassis, they have no heating issues, even with two high-speed drives in them. They are ideal for hosting custom web applications and databases as well as development and test platforms for virtual dev teams.

We will work with you and perform a base install with partitioning and packages as you specify. We support RedHat, Debian, Gentoo, FreeBSD and any other open-source OS you would like to use.



Included Services

Included With All Leased Servers
Base Bandwidth Per Month (no adult or streaming content).
100 GB or 1Mbit @ 95th Percentile
(Whichever is greater)
100Mb Switch Port
Reboots and console vitals checks (more assistance as time allows).
UPS Protection
IP Addresses
As Justified
(ARIN SWIP avail.)
Web-viewable Bandwidth Utilization Statistics and Cumulative Usage Reports within a time period.
Forward/Reverse DNS
Online Billing/Invoice management.
Searchable FAQs, online user docs, local mirror of Raq patches and ISOs.
Tape swaps and other formal periodic maintenance is available for a negotiated fee. Physical access to the facility is restricted to outage emergencies only.
See below for extras.



Overage Bandwidth $50 per Mbit per Month. @ 95th Percentile.  
Extra Disk Space & RAM Parts + labor to add. For dedicated servers.  
Register Domain Name $20 first year and $15 each additional year up to 10 years total.
128-bit Quick-SSL Certificate 10 minute email-based CA processing. This product is especially good for non-US or non-traditional companies who cannot meet the corporate requirements of other SSL providers.
$100 for 1 year, $180 for 2 years & $250 for 3 years. Free lost cert. regeneration. Free CSR generation & installation for dedicated server customers.



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